PRSA Phoenix Launches Virtual Mentor Program

Navigating the public relations field alone can be hard, especially in a virtual world. PRSA Phoenix exists to help PR pros at any level find connections and professional development opportunities, which is why we are launching a new mentorship program: Learn From the PRos.

Whether you’re a veteran expert or a newbie professional, we’ve got you covered. Our revamped virtual mentorship program will match you with someone you’ll connect with and learn from on an ongoing basis, regardless of your physical location in the Valley.

Mentees, you may be looking for a friendly face to greet you at networking events or a trusted mentor to give you advice during your job search or during a challenging situation. Mentors, you may want to share the knowledge you’ve gained throughout your career and offer insight on resume building and career advancement.

This sounds like a perfect pair to us!

This program is made by PRSA Phoenix, but it’s for you. You pick the times you meet, you choose what activities you do and you make the experience what you want it to be.

Join today (form below)! We are currently accepting applications through March 31, with the official launch date in May. Stay tuned to our social media for updates and info.

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