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Jennifer Cobb, PRSA Phoenix Member
Jennifer Cobb, PRSA Phoenix Member

While writing skills are essential to a communications professional’s job, it isn’t everything.

“That is why I decided to go to grad school to study communications with a concentration in PR in addition to taking on stretch assignments so that I could gain the foundational and theoretical knowledge and couple that with the transferable skills I’ve gained,” explained Jennifer Cobb, a new member of PRSA Phoenix and a seasoned public relations/communications pro.

Jennifer has enjoyed writing since she was a child. That passion for writing has lingered as she grew older and eventually led her to pursue a career in public relations.

“What I like about public relations…is the variety. Variety in your day, industries, with what you do overall,” she said. “It’s a field that’s constantly evolving with a lot of room for personal and professional growth.”

But with an ever-evolving and fast-paced industry, Jennifer believes in giving focus on self-care. She explains that the demands of PR jobs can easily burn out the best of the best. That is why she reminds herself and her team of the importance of life-work balance.

“If I work late or need to work a weekend, I make it up by leaving early another day or taking a day off; something I encourage any teams I’m leading to do as well,” she said. “I don’t send emails once I leave the office unless it’s critical to the next business day or a moment of inspiration to explore while the idea is fresh in my mind, and even then I add a notation that there’s no need to respond until the recipient is back in the office.”

Jennifer believes that finding the ideal balance impacts our happiness, health and well-being, and even our motivation to produce quality work.

This fairly new Arizona resident is still discovering things to do in our State. But she knows what she is addicted to -- solo traveling. She recently returned from a nearly month-long adventure through various cities in Austria, Hungary and England. Traveling is another form of education and inspiration for her; it opens her eyes and mind to new cultures, new traditions and even new friends.

Like traveling, being a member of PRSA has given her the opportunity to meet some incredible people in the local communications industry through events, and continues to learn about the latest trends in the industry through the organization’s webinars and online resources.

“Through the people I’ve met, it’s helped me assess the skills and experience I have…understand my gaps and make a plan to address (those gaps).”

Jennifer enjoys spending time with her dog, Luna, cooking, or just relaxing at home and binging on Netflix or television shows – a favorite being Game of Thrones. In fact, when asked which living person she would invite to dinner, she mentioned Joe Dempsie, who played Gendry in Game of Thrones. But also, Michelle Obama.

Well, she better start cooking for that dinner!

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