Member Spotlight: Mychael Ramirez

Mychael is a business communications coordinator for the Phoenix Suns

Looking back, Mychael Ramirez wishes he devoted more time networking and meeting new people from different industries when he first started his career in public relations.

“You never know who in the industry can connect you with media, mentors, colleagues, etc.,” said Mychael.

Now, as the business communications coordinator for the Phoenix Suns, he has the opportunity to work with the team’s community partners, including nonprofits and the public sector, and meet numerous community and business leaders. His job has allowed him to engage more with the local and national members of the media. As a PR pro, he understands the importance of developing a professional and trusting relationship with the media to be successful and respected in the industry.

This Sun Devil understands too, the frustrations of the job. He’s had his shares of “NO, thank yous” when pitching stories and being ignored by the media. However, he is quick to point out that securing one piece of coverage for a client easily outweighs all those dismissals.

Balancing work and life is important to Mychael. He is grateful for Arizona’s mostly sunny weather and all the picture-perfect locations to hike, the friendly restaurant patios and the year-long festivals that go on in Phoenix and metro area

When asked about any living person he would invite dinner and what would be the first thing he would ask, Mychael said, “Neil DeGrasse Tyson… and I would ask him what his favorite planet is and why.”

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