Member Spotlight: Megan Conner

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Megan Conner is a senior public relations executive for OH Partners.

It was a fashion article she wrote for her school newspaper that convinced Megan Conner she was destined for a career in communications. Well…that and her love for talking and conversations.

“I knew I wanted to work in an industry where I could build meaningful relationships daily,” said Megan, a board member alternate and a new member of PRSA Phoenix.

And she does just that as the senior public relations executive for OH Partners.

“No two days look the same,” said Megan, who thrives in the fast-paced nature of the public relations industry.

To slow down, Megan enjoys checking out the newest bars and restaurants popping up in downtown Phoenix with friends and family. She also relishes an evening watching Gilmore Girls, and if given the opportunity, would love to have dinner with the show’s star, Lauren Graham, to chat about life on the set.

For this Sun Devil, the best part of her day is experiencing and learning something new. She considers the many PR professionals in the Valley as valuable resources, and views her relationships with them as impactful, not only to her career but to her personal growth. More importantly, she reminds herself, that in this demanding industry, failure is okay.

“It’s inevitably going to happen, but it’s an incredible opportunity to grow as a professional and person.”

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