Member Spotlight: Krista Paniagua

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Krista is a career coach at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

“I always loved writing and people. A career in PR and strategic communications is the perfect blend of the two,” said Krista Paniagua, a career coach at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication and one of the newest board members of PRSA Phoenix.

For Krista, meeting passionate and enthusiastic students, who are ready to take on the media industry with an earnest lens, fuels her to stay positive and motivated at work. Not to mention young. After all, it wasn’t too long ago when she, too, was one of those Cronkite students aspiring to have a satisfying and rewarding career in public relations—with an emphasis on “rewarding.” She learned early in her career that “no amount of money, salary boost or brand cache is worth losing your physical and mental health.”

As she guides PR students through the career maze, she reminds them to stay connected through professional organizations like PRSA for both personal and professional networks.

“I joined PRSA right out of (college) and am so glad I did as so many professional networking doors became wide open for me that truly set the path of my career,” said Krista. “Today, I’m thrilled to be reunited with local communicators and PR experts.”

And another thing she is thrilled about? The Arizona weather. While her family back east and in Chicago is experiencing extreme weather of arctic proportions, Krista is thankful for flip-flop-worthy temperatures that allow her to walk the dog during the winter months. She has been convincing her family to move to Arizona for the past 13 years, so they also can appreciate the simple joys offered by desert living, like the spectacular sunsets and unique desert scents after a rainfall. So far, she is still trying.

When asked to name a living person she would love to have dinner with, Krista answered, “I’d love to meet Stevie Nicks (she’s kind of my spirit animal). I’d ask her what it’s like to be a musical queen.”

Quite a fitting response for someone who seems to love everything about Arizona.

Better mark your calendar for dinner, Stevie, and tweet her back @CronkiteCareers.

Finally, here’s Krista’s tip for ASU’s Walter Cronkite alums: Sign-up for new job alerts at “It’s always good to know what out there in the job market even if you’re not looking.”

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