Member Spotlight: Chris Fiscus

VP Public Relations and Social Media, OH Partners

About twelve years ago, Chris Fiscus left his long-time career as a print reporter and editor and took the plunge to the “dark side.” And he hasn’t looked back.

Chris, a PR executive by day (and some nights) and drummer musician by night (and some weekends), saw it as a natural evolution for someone who has a passion for communications.

PRSA Phoenix member, Chris Fiscus, on the drums with his band Southwest by Midnight.
PRSA Phoenix member, Chris Fiscus, on the drums with his band Southwest by Midnight.

“The common ground in both fields: Play it straight, find ‘the story’ behind something, take a whole lot of information and boil it down to the most critical information that will engage people,” he said. “It was true in the newsroom, and it is true in an agency or on social media.”

Public relations, he says, has given him the leeway to be more creative with clients’ stories. He finds helping clients navigate the social media and traditional media jungle as the best part of the job.

However, his 12 years in PR, plus 17 years in print journalism, are not all hunky-dory.

"Sometimes, you may face a situation where a colleague or a client may have a different set of beliefs and ideas, and that can create a challenge," he said. "That's when you work together to find a middle ground or find the confidence to bow out of the situation."

Thank goodness for coffee and delicious Thai food to cope with those stresses that come with the job, and the decades-long friendships and relationships he has fostered through PRSA. PRSA serves as a forum for him and his team to share common challenges and be reminded that communications professionals face the same issues no matter what industry they’re in.

Like almost every communications professional, Chris loves to work hard, but having been in the industry for nearly 30 years, there is nothing more important (and stress-relieving) to him than being with family. For this Arizona native and Lumberjack alum, one of the favorite things he enjoys doing with his family is simply walking through the pines of Flagstaff and “get my pine tree fix every so often.”

At the other end of the Chris spectrum, he has his drum set…as in, he is a professional drummer with the band, Southwest by Midnight. They describe their music as “sun-drenched rock with a little blues and funk.” They are known in the local music scene and have been performing around town and even down in Mexico.

Talk about balancing career, family and fun…

Make sure to connect with and follow Chris on Twitter and Instagram: @ChrisFiscus.

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