PRSA Phoenix and LGBTQ+ Community Leaders Host Thoughtful Conversation on Inclusivity and the Media

PHOENIX - On Wednesday, June 24, PRSA Phoenix hosted another panel discussion as part of its “Wednesday Wisdom” series. This panel was focused on LGBTQ+ inclusivity and the media. Tony Felice, of the Felice Agency, moderated an insightful conversation that among, other things, addressed the question of how communicators can better represent all members of our community.

The panel of journalists, communicators and community leaders shared their life experiences, expertise and valuable resources with participants. This event was free and membership to PRSA Phoenix was not required. Panelists included:

Additional discussion topics included the need for accurate reporting on rulings of the Supreme Court. Moderator Tony Felice pointed out that,

“Like Marriage Equality, no special rights were conveyed by the Court with regards to workplace discrimination protections for LGBTQ+ people, but instead confirmed that those workplace protections already existed under Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

Other conversations focused on how media can do a better job representing LGBTQ+ people in their stories and the work being done in cities across the Valley to become more inclusive of all people. COVID 19’s impact on organizations like Phoenix Pride and one-n-ten were also important aspects of the event.

PRSA Phoenix Board President, Diane Smith said:

"COVID-19 has definitely changed the way the PRSA Phoenix Chapter has had to navigate professional development events, but despite the challenges, The Board remains as committed as ever to continue to bring value to members and the community as a whole."

PRSA members should look for information on another thought-provoking “Wednesday Wisdom” event in July.


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