2021 Events & Programing: A Brief Message From Board President Krista Hinz

Hello everyone and welcome to March! Can you believe that it has been almost exactly one year since all of our worlds were turned upside down both professionally and personally by COVID-19? If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we’re a resilient group of PR professionals and communications practitioners who refused to let the physical distance keep us from connecting with each other.

Last year, the team at PRSA Phoenix worked very hard to keep that connectivity alive through complimentary virtual events focusing on timely and hardy topics including the global pandemic, racial unrest and injustice, and a controversial election year. We teamed up with fellow member organizations, journalists, and communicators from NABJ, The Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, NAJA, and SPJ to have some serious, long overdue real talk about race in America and the vital role we play in crafting fair and inclusive messaging that is balanced and accurate.

I know It’s been a little while since we’ve sent our latest E-Talk, but we have been prepping for another great year and have a wonderful slate of events and exceptional new board members who’ve joined our leadership team for 2021.

As this year’s President and with the full support of the board, PRSA Phoenix programming and events will be highly focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We have committed to making DEI be at the heart of all we do. As of March, all events are slated to continue virtually following CDC and W.H.O. guidelines, but we are hopeful that we may be able to host some in-person or live streamed events by the end of this year.

Someone once shared this quote with me:

“Storytelling is worthwhile when it shows what you stand for, not what you do.”

I’ve yet been able to find the author of that quote, but it’s how I’d like to take us all into 2021. We’re all in this together and we hope to continually serve members as a community where we can continue connecting and communicating even if socially distanced.

With that, please take a look at what we’ve got planned and meet our new board of directors:

PRSA Phoenix

PRSA National

Until we are able to see your faces in person, please stay safe and be well.


Krista Hinz

PRSA Phoenix Board President

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